A Short Film Project

It’s been a dismal year for snow here in British Columbia, and it’s led me to label a lot of recent photographs and other creations with #thingswedowhilewewaitforsnow. And so we wait. It’s March now – we’re still waiting.

Though I LOVE working on everyone else’s projects, sometimes it’s fun to just play with some creative outlets of your own. We’ve spent a lot of time hiking our dogs in the little bit of snow we have, and our little old lady Eleanor (okay… big old lady) marches straight to the fireplace when we get home and demands a roaring hot fire to snooze by. Fair enough. After climbing a mountain, who wouldn’t love a nap by the fire?

Here’s a little film I made about it the other day after breakfast. Just because.

(Still waiting…)

  • Personal
  • Winter 2015
  • Videography
  • Film editing
  • Wood cutting
  • #thingswedowhilewewaitforsnow