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The DANTRY Project

In 2008, my man and I set out to add a puppy to our life. In our hunt for Canada’s best Great Dane breeder, we came across Danielle Yule at Dantry Danes, whose farm, family, and philosophies we fell immediately in love with. In the five years since, that single puppy has become three (sometimes four), and Danielle has become both friend and client.

Soon enough design and management of the Dantry online presence fell under my wing, and the dogs that make up so much of my life (both mine and hers) often find themselves in the eye of my lens. Together we work on the web, on print and online advertisements, and on materials for Dantry Danes to provide new or potential puppy buyers. This project is dear to my heart in that this pack of danes and their people have become a part of my family. I’m so grateful for their love and support and am always thrilled to take on new projects that share their incredible qualities with the world.

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