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The EDIBLE Project

For the better part of my life I’ve been enraptured by food and all that is tied up in the creation of and enjoyment of it. Global debates around the locality, development, sustainability and health qualities of what we put in our mouths rage on, having mostly emerged within the the last handful of generations. It was through the grander paradigm of social change that those generations lost their connection to the food we eat and where it comes from. But today, now, this year, this month, this day… a growing number of people are getting down and dirty about rekindling that connection.

As a return to homesteading is building, if quietly, in popularity, I’m very attracted to the idea of nourishing my body with what I’ve created. Seed to table. To seed. To table. To seed. A cycle. The circle of life. This project slot is a place for some yummy, personal images… a project about producing, preparing, and savouring real food.

My instagram feed is filled with food images, but in case you’re not an insta-fan, I’ve included some of those shots here too.

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