This is a ‘coming soon’ project – still in the works. Branding complete, we’re working away at web development. Oh, and crop planning. Also at crop planning! Kale, kale, kale, and more kale… all the kinds under the sun.

Riverdale Farm and Forest is a farm both local to and dear to our community. In the heart of Inglewood village, just north of Toronto, Sue and Owen nurture a very special 80-acre parcel of land along the river. They grow a beautiful, huge, abundant, garden using organic and regenerative agricultural practices – the fruits of which they sell on farm or at the weekly Inglewood market. People come from all over town for their golden-yolked eggs, and to chat with the ever affable Owen Goltz. Once master arborist, he’s turned into a self-described ‘wannabe-redneck farmer’ and spends most of his time analyzing soil and improving the land on which they live and grow. Sue, among more things than I can list, paints, dances, drums, heals, and spreads love amongst us all (and also looks after the two Haflinger ponies which make up the bulk of Riverdale’s horsepower).

  • Riverdale Farm & Forest
  • Spring 2015
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