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The TROT Project

For half a decade, I acted as Associate Editor of Trot Magazine, Canada’s leading equine publication. During that time, the magazine grew beyond its reach as a trade magazine, winning dozens of awards for its quality of writing, photography, and design. Most notably, in 2011, Trot was named North America’s top equine publication — becoming the first Canadian and the first harness racing title to claim the honour.

“Working with Ayva as an editor is a writer’s dream. She knows her stuff, is organized, punctual, and responsive, and is always supportive and encouraging. Writing for her, I always know my work is in good hands.”

~ Lindsay Day, REMT and O’Brien Award winning equine journalist

During my years in that role, aside from sourcing, organizing, supporting, and — hopefully — inspiring an always growing roster of writers, photographers, artists and designers, I myself spent thousands of hours researching, writing, editing, photographing, and designing content and advertising for Trot. There are far too many pages and stories and images from that time to share them all, but this is a small collection of my art direction and/or photography. You can find more writing and some editorial design samples from this period on my blog.

“Ayva is a challenging and inspiring editor. More than a proofreader, she always provides a thorough assessment of all my material — often sending me back to pull out other threads of the story that I otherwise would have missed. Every writer needs an editor, but her ability to collaborate always adds impact to my work.”

~ Keith McCalmont, Media Coordinator of Thoroughbred Racing for Woodbine Entertainment Group and award-winning equine journalist

  • Standardbred Canada
  • April 2008 - October 2012
  • Design
  • Photography
  • Writing
  • Editing