I can do what?

I can photograph people, places, pets, products, or pandemonium. I can design ads, stories, full publications, websites, or packaging. I can pen an articulate magazine feature on variety of topics. I can write copy for just about anything. And I can bring it all together in a neat and tidy bundle on my own or in cooperation with a team of talented and creative individuals.

Looking to commission a custom publishing project? Spill your idea and we’ll go from there. I’ll work one on one with you and your organization to make that dream a reality. I can take your idea from napkin to newsstand with as much or as little guidance as you’d like. My unique combination of writing, photography and design skills paired with an outgoing, easygoing, professional attitude and a passion for perfection mean your project couldn’t be in better hands.

One page? Ten pages? Two hundred pages? Once? Weekly? Monthly? Annually? Regardless, I have the contacts, the organizational skills, and the pre-press experience to make it happen — on deadline. Production and consultation rates are by necessity tailored individually for each project based on its parameters. A custom publication is just that — custom. Drop me a line to start the conversation.